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A few things you may want to bring to Atlanta Pride ♥

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 Woohoo!! Pride is coming up and everyone is talking about how HOT the events are going to be this year. If this is your first year attending a pride and your taking a road trip and or flying (like me) you will need to make sure you pack a few extra items to have the ultimate ATL pride experience. Enjoy and be safe kids!

1. Electronics. By electronics I mean your laptop, digital camera, your Gps, Mp3 player, and any other electronic devices you adore. If your bringing a laptop make sure you get a good case for it in case airport security has to handle it.

2. Magazines or a book in case you get bored on the way to pride.

3. An official pride itenerary. You can stay current on all the events during ATL pride here! Check the events page for details.

4. Condoms! Thats right people! Wrap it up. If were being real, alot of people will be having adult relations during pride and its better to be safe then sorry over one night of lust. Be smart and THINK about the decisions you make. They could last a lifetime.

5. Make sure you bring a chunk of change. Parties are going to be expensive and shopping is going to be amazing! Make sure you have enough money to really enjoy yourself!!

6. A few bathing suits just in case you end up in someones hot tub ;-)

7. A first aid kid. Yeah I know it sounds corny but you never know what may happen. Better safe then sorry!

8. A map. If your driving be sure to bring a map. Electronics aren’t always reliable!

9. A list of restaurants near your hotel. You can find this on Cuisine Net.

10. Last but not leats bring a good attitude :) Pride is amazing and can be a life changing experience. Stay positive and have a GREAT time! See you there!

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