Kanye West sits down with Angie Martinez and leaks a new song, talks about his relationship with Amber Rose, his new album, and his new song with Jay-Z that drops Friday♥

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 Kanye West is back and in full effect! Thank GOD because the rap game seems pretty dry lately. Kanye stopped by Hot 97 and sat down with Angie Martinez to talk about a multitude of topics. Kanye started by releasing his new single See Me Now featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson. Click HERE to listen to the song.

Kanye West talked about his new album and his feelings about rapper Nicki Minaj. He told Angie that Minaj has the potential to be the second best rapper in the game. When asked who was number one in the game he said “Eminem.” Kanye also mentioned that Nicki minaj would be on his new album and that he was a fan of Kid Cudi as well as Drake.

Kanye elaborated on his own personals thought of the concept of “genius” and people giving him that title. He told Angie that Genius is something you can have. Like a moment of genius. He doesn’t believe and one man can be a genius all on his own. That’s too much responsibility. He also said that he feels like he alot of moments of genius. Lol. Love it!

Kanye West also talked to Angie about the Taylor Swift incident. He said it grounded him and made him learn humility and empathy which were qualities he was kind of lacking before. He said that after the Vma’s he moved to Japan for 3 weeks to get away from Paparazzi. I always wondered where he disappeared to in that time! After that he left and moved to Rome where he was an intern at Fendi. Interesting….

Kanye talked about the breakup between him and Ford model Amber Rose. He said that they had a good thing but that all good things come an end. he said that she taught him to be a nicer person because she was so disconnected from celebrity life when they first met. I thought they were a cute couple. He also talked about not having a cell phone and not following anyone on twitter.

“I have a house phone and I get mad when people call. Like grrr you email me and i’ll call you.”

On why he doesnt follow anyone on twitter:

“I dont follow anyone because I only want people to see my tweets. Lol. Im organized like that.”

Kanye west is hilarious and I really enjoyed his interview with Angie Martinez.Kanyes new CD See Me Now will be out on November 16th and the Power remix featuring Jay- Z will be out Friday.Visit the link above to listen to the interview!

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