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Flirty Fridays with Gabrielle- Sexy Weekend Getaway♥

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Its Friday guys, Flirty Friday!  Weekends are my speciality, especially ones filled with romance, so today I’m going to design the perfect sexy weekend getaway for you and your boo.  Now I know first hand how difficult it can be to arrange an expensive vacation for you and yours on a budget.  You find yourself compromising details to stay within your means and, it just isn’t as fabulous as you envisioned it in your mind initially.  Well, that’s where I come in.  I’m going to remedy that issue by compacting the essence of a five day vacation, somewhere across an ocean to an exotic island into one day and one night.   

  First, we have to make a little list.  This list consists of things we will need to set the mood, ambiance.  You’re going to need candles(of course) and it would really be awesome if you knew your honey dip’s favorite scent.  It makes the experience more personal, and every time she smells that scent, she’ll remember this amazing rendezvous.  Don’t forget the fire guys.  Next it would be nice to stop at the mall to pick up something sexy for your love to wear.  If you’re buying for a lady, be sure that you get her something not just sexy but something she’ll be comfortable wearing.  You don’t want her to be tense or shy.  You’ll be taking it off later, so don’t be to selfish with this one.  It’s the gesture that’s supposed to be sexy, not just the ensemble.  Don’t fumble on the size either.  Before you rush out, it would be great to get your hands on some massage oil.  When you visit a resort, usually, there is a spa or personal massage option.  This is one we don’t want to leave out.  Next, we’re heading to the supermarket for our chewable goodies.  You want to get some fruit; pineapples, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, etc.  This will give it that exotic island feel.  Also pick up a couple bottles of wine or champagne.  If you’re good with words, get an empty card and write something special inside.  If you’re no poet, then don’t blow it(hey that rhymes)!  Just find one that says what you mean.  Now pick out a large, pretty gift bag for all these items to go in.    Let’s get in the car and head home to finish planning.
  Once you’re there make sure that you’ve checked off all the items on this list.  Once that’s squared away make a playlist.  Now the order and pace of this playlist is essential.  You want the music to transition.  If done properly this will excite and tease you both.  You’ll feel the big moment approaching.  Everyone has there own taste of music so I won’t tell you what songs to choose, but I can give you an example of what I mean.  If it were me, I would open with Daddy’s Home by Usher.  It’s a sexy, mid tempo beat and the lyrical content is perfect for the occasion!  From there I may roll into some Neyo, Sexy Love.  I would stay on that J. Holiday, Bed road for a while until it led into my Maxwell and Sade, but like I said that’s me.  It’s also important to incorporate time with this list.  You don’t want things to just be getting heated and you have to stop what you’re doing to go play with the stereo, so make it long.  Throw all that sexy shit on there. 
  Now let’s focus on location.  The ideal scenario is to get out of the house, so if you are able, rent a room at a jazzy hotel in your downtown area (If a hotel room is out of the budget, this can all be done at home, trust me).  If there is a pool, even better.  I suggest that if time permits that you check in before they arrive to set things up, but if you cant it’s cool.  That’s why we got the gift bag, just in case.  Phone your lover and make sure that they know to dress nicely because this is special.  I suggest an early dinner because you’re going to be in all night. Once you arrive to the spot,  start by pouring your baby a glass, and offering them some fruit.  Just sit and talk for a moment.  Take everything in.  Don’t immediately rush into sex.  Play it out.  If you got a room at a place with a pool, move the convo to that area.  Bring your cocktails and just enjoy each others company.  Compliment them. Hold hands. It’s called romance people.  Don’t let it die!  When that buzz hits, head back to the room to present them with the sexy outfit you purchased.  While they’re changing set you’re massage session up.  The rest is pretty self explanatory right? Right!  Now if that’s not a romantic, sexy weekend getaway I don’t what is.  Enjoy, and I’ll be expecting you back next week.  Flirt on!
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