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Lets talk about the meaning of the Alejandro video…

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 I knew there would be some interesting feedback on this video after the first two minutes it was on. Lol. People were going to either love it or hate it. For the people in between who were like “what the hell even just happened”, im here to enlighten you. Lets break down this video.

Ok, so the Alejandro video was basically a big middle finger to the Catholic Church. The entire video is about how the Catholic church doesn’t accept gays and acts like hypocrites…..In a nutshell.

The men in the beginning of the video symbolize an army. An army of gays. If you’ll notice, one of the men in the right corner is holding the star of David. This represents the gays being treated as Jews and having to take on the Nazis aka the public/catholic church. If you’ll notice, Lady Gaga flash’s alot of footage of Nazi’s marching and things that are related to that era in history. Its all related to a comparison of how gays are treated….think about it.

In the next scene Gaga and her troops are walking down an icy street carrying a coffin and she is bearing a very morbid looking hear in her hands. This represents Gaga wanting to give her putrid (putrid by the Church’s standards) heart away and open up. I still haven’t figured out who may be in the casket. Lol. I’m working on that.

In another scene from the video, Gaga is dressed as a nun and laying down praying with a rosary in her hands. She is praying to god that he helps her and that gays. She is praying for salvation and equality. Later on she eats the cross to symbolize how she’s stopped believing in church.

Notice how the men are militant but are wearing fishnets and heals. I’m guessing this has some relevance to the fact that there are alot of undercover gay men in the military who probably feel exactly the way she pictured the soldiers in her video. I also noticed that in a few of the scenes, the men were dancing in a way that made them look like they were pushing each other to the ground and hitting each other. This definitely represents gay bullying/abuse.

In the final scenes, Gaga is dressed as a priest and she is being groped by the dancers. This symbolizes hypocrisy. Priest do “gay” things and then condemn all gays to hell. Its a joke. Just like she made it in her video. At the very end of the video there’s a soldier and Gaga pictured as a nun and both of them are attached to puppet strings. This symbolizes how church and military are controlled and act almost like puppets.

Great work Gaga and Klein! I cant wait to hear their explanation of the video!

Click HERE to view the video

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