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Q & A time with "The B0izz"

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Hello Femme fans! I decided I wanted to do more interviews in 2010 and im starting the year off with a very special group of LGBT girls. These ladies are definetly a part of the positive younger LGBT crowd who is trying to make a difference. Their website is new and in the near future it will feature interviews, submisions from different LGBT artist, and a whole lot more! Ok…on to the good stuff! Meet The BOizz:

Click HERE to go to their website

Q & A Time:

Q: Its so nice to finally get an interview with you guys! Its great to see so many young LGBT groups trying to come together and be positive and creative. Its inspiring to alot of people. Who inspires you the most?!

A: My grandmother…She’s taught me the true value of making do with what I have.I really am thankful and blessed to have a strong black woman like her in my life.She supports me 100% with all that I do and regardless of whatever is going on, I know I can always go to her when I need motivation.

Q: What message do you want to share with the younger generation of LGBT members?

A:  I want the younger LGBT members to know I will help them get heard and if not I will speak for them…..I want to show them it’s okay to come out.  At the same time, I want them to know it’s not easy and we must respect ourselves and each other before the world will ever do so.

Q: What made you want to start your website?!

A: I started the site to support our community.I want the LGBT community to be heard and recognized for the positive things that we do……. To give some younger members a home and guide them into a positive direction, as well as create a place where artist can get exposure.

Q: Are you attending any of the gay prides this year?!

A: Yes. I personally plan to hit up NYC ‘s pride again. As far as the rest of the team, the whole B0izz Ent staff plans to takeover SweetHeat Miami this year. So be there!

Q: Last question…..What do you think about B.Scotts youtube account being suspended?!

A: I think it’s a bunch of bullshit to be honest.Lol.They don’t want us to succeed.

P.S I LOVE B.Scott :)

Follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/Theeb0izz

Well there you have it folks! The first LGBT interview of many! I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to check out their site!

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Aryka Randall is a media mogul in the making from San Diego, California. After relocating to Louisiana in 2004, Randall became active in her local LGBTQ community. Randall was recently featured on Go Magazines annual ‘100 Women We Love‘ issue along with Tagg Magazine, the Dinah Shore Blog, and a number of other LGBT publications for her work in the LGBT community

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