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BREAKING NEWS: Houston woman contracts HIV from her same-sex partner

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This is startling news for the lesbian community. A woman in Houston Texas recently discovered she was HIV positive and that she contracted the virus from her long time lesbian lover who discontinued HIV treatment in 2010.  Doctors are just as baffled by the discovery as the LGBTQ community is.

“In 34 years of investigating HIV infection, this is the first time anybody has ever identified sexual transmission between two women,” said Kathy Barton, with the Houston Department of Health and Human Services.

“This is a very unique case in that the newly infected person was a regular blood donor. So we had a long history of her negative status for many years,” said Barton.

The news is a big wake up call for the lesbian community and serves as a reminder that SAFE SEX is the best sex. For years lesbians have attached themselves to the idea that we cannot pass HIV between one another. That myth has been debunked and we as a community need to protect ourselves.

The interesting thing here is that there have been a few cases of transmission of the virus between two women in other states. In 2003 an African-American lesbian from Philadelphia contracted the disease from her GF of two years. Reports stated that she caught the virus from using sex toys that weren’t cleaned properly. The young lady who was infected was a gold star lesbian who had never had a blood transfusion, any piercings or tattoos, or intravenous drug use between her and another person. The chances that her infection came from her girlfriend are very, very high. You can read more about that story HERE.

We have also learned that even if there were other cases of HIV being transmitted between two women, it’s unlikely that they were reported because if they have any other risk factors, the Center For Disease Control typically classifies those cases under the risk factor or under “undetermined”. Interesting right? Watch the video below for the full story and please share this with all the lesbian women in your life.

Source: Click 2 Houston

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  • At 2014.03.16 12:07, Kelly C LeBlanc said:

    I am staying on topic because statistics are always one-sided. HIV infected teens who “particpate” in the gay community count for over 20% of new HIV cases in the black community go unreported. There have been cases of women-to-women HIV cases that have reaced over 1000 since 2002. This woman’s partner stopped taking her HIV medication SMH How is this even considered in the same statistic?

    • At 2014.03.16 12:31, TheFabFemme said:

      This is not a race issue, this is a health issue. Thanks for commenting!

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