WTF?! Casey Raybourn Hicks and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department think all gay men should be in jail – The Fab Femme

WTF?! Casey Raybourn Hicks and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department think all gay men should be in jail

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When I see articles like this, it pisses me off and makes my skin crawl all at the same time. What happened to a time where people just minded their OWN DAMN BUSINESS. Is this really a foreign concept? I Guess so. Casey Raybourn Hick (Hicks eh, oh the irony) of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s department and the backwards as$ police who she works for have been getting their rocks off on arresting gay men in the area and screaming “sodomy laws’ which we’re deemed uncostitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling in Lawrence v. Texas.

According to Hicks, “This is a law that is currently on the Louisiana books, and the sheriff is charged with enforcing the laws passed by our Louisiana Legislature. Whether the law is valid is something for the courts to determine, but the sheriff will enforce the laws that are enacted.”

Last time I checked, a Supreme Court ruling completely overrules a state wide ruling. We’re not living in the fifties anymore kids. People are gay and they’re going to be gay, and you will just have to deal with it. WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE. As for Miss Hicks and the EBRPD, you all are pathetic and feeling like Louisiana is above the Supreme Court and should adhere to it’s own laws is probably why this state is so behind now.

Read the FULL article HERE.

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Aryka Randall is a media mogul in the making from San Diego, California. After relocating to Louisiana in 2004, Randall became active in her local LGBTQ community. Randall was recently featured on Go Magazines annual ‘100 Women We Love‘ issue along with Tagg Magazine, the Dinah Shore Blog, and a number of other LGBT publications for her work in the LGBT community

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  • At 2013.08.06 11:32, dykeadence said:

    that is ridiculous. so by that logic prohibition was a law, the sheriff should enforce it and let the courts decide how to prosecute.

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