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Femme Files | Lakara Foster presents…. “The Grown Woman’s Guide to Greatness”

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to introduce you to a FAB young lady by the name of Lakara Foster who is being featured in our Femme Files series. Her new novel “The Grown Woman’s Guide To Greatness” is an amazing book an is heavily impacting the lives of women throughout the country. Lakara has done a wonderful job embodying what it means to tap into your greatness and be the best woman you can be. I am proud and very excited to share this FAB interview with you all! Enjoy and check out the links to Lakara’s website below.


 Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about the first time you realized your calling in life was to help young women find their purpose. How did you come to this conclusion and what inspired you to want to help people?

 During my undergraduate year at Florida A&M University, I interned at an alternative school called PACE Center For Girls in Tallahassee, Florida. Many of the girls in the program had gone through so much in their short lives. Some had been sexually and/or physically abused. Some had been neglected and abandoned and were living in group homes or foster care. Some were juvenile delinquents. But all of them were survivors and determined to make something of themselves. I loved working with them, inspiring them, and challenging them to become what they never thought possible. The work felt effortless, purposeful, and powerful. I knew in my spirit that this is what I was supposed to be doing with my life….empowering girls and women. I went back to work for the school after I got my Masters and spent three years working there.

You had a conversation with Oprah that changed your life as well as your career path. Tell us about this conversation and how it helped you gain insight on what you wanted out of life.

 Right after graduate school, I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. The show was titled “The Turbulent 20s” and discussed the strife of going through the quarter life crisis. Myself and about 10 other young women got the opportunity to talk about the struggles and angst of graduating college and not knowing what we were supposed to do with ourselves. After the show we got a chance to talk intimately with Oprah about how to find out purpose and discover our destiny. She said, “the problem with your generation is you all are not connected to the source and once you get connected to the source all of the questions you have will be answered”. It took 11 years for those words to make sense to me, but in the process of writing this book I got a major “aha” moment. I realized that Oprah had given us the “what to do” and this book is the “how to” guide to achieving that connection to the source.

So, young black women in our generation have become deterred by unhealthy relationships, negative depictions on TV, and society’s toxic idea of what a “sexy woman is. How does your book “The Grown Woman’s Guide To Greatness” help stop this snowball effect?

  The Grown Woman’s Guide to Greatness puts the responsibility to achieve greatness on the part of the reader. It has several exercises to assist with self discovery and improvement. It emphasizes that Greatness is not about material gain or attaining riches but about fulfilling our destiny. In the book I talk about my own issues of overcoming codependency and feelings of abandonment so I can certainly relate to why, as women, we find ourselves in destructive relationships and situations. I believe that it is time for us to see how the media exploits and capitalizes on our pain in the form of “reality” shows, trashy videos etc… But until we come to this realization that we are always on the losing end of these deals, then this is how it will play itself out. The sad part about it is that even when you watch these shows, there is often very little therapy, counseling, or closure offered for the participants.

What has helping other young women taught you about yourself? 

 Helping young women has made me realize the wonderfulness of God’s grace and mercy. I remind them that everything we go through is for a purpose…none of it is happenstance or accidental. That even when we hurt, feel lonely, or neglected that God is still using us and keeping his promise to us.

What can you tell our readers about being positive and letting their “light” shine?

This book teaches the readers that all of us have a gift. This gift was given to us to give away not to keep to ourselves. Sharing our gift or “letting our lights shine” makes an example out of us and gives people the courage to do the same.

Last question. Where do you see yourself in five years and what do you hope to accomplish?

  In five years I see myself having reached millions of young women and girls and helped them to reach their full potentials. I will have my own talk show, have written five more books, have an annual national conference for women, and have lost this last stubborn ten pounds. And it is so!

Amazing! Thanks again for sharing your time and knowledge with us Lakara. Make sure you all check out her links below! This woman is FAB.




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