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LGBT Movies | The Postwoman- A film about a mother of two who falls in love with a woman

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I’m always happy to find new films about the LGBT community that share stories about real life, love and “coming out”. A new film called The Postwoman debuted last month, highliting the life of a woman who discovered she was gay in her mid 40’s. This movie seems very interesting. Check out the Synopsis below.


Margaret Laurena Kemp (Children of God 2010) stars as Alyssa Thompson, a struggling artist and newly divorced mother of two on the verge of a mid-life crisis. Her vulnerable position at a San Francisco Post Office coupled with the turmoil she endures from her homophobic family threaten to stifle her dreams.

 On the morning of her new postal route, Alyssa stumbles into an independent women’s bookstore called “Sacred Sistah” that is threatened to close in ten days unless the owner finds funding. It is there that she meets Nia, a savvy, butch graphic designer with insatiable charm and charisma. Drawn to Nia’s quiet fire and fierce determination to save the bookstore from closing, Alyssa surrenders to her need for community and finally decides to go the way her pulse beats.

 Coming out, however, in her 40s, is no easy task as Alyssa is forced to confront her greatest fear: losing the support of her family as well as her children’s love. Alyssa’s decision to break out of the confines of her traditional family are met with some scorn. Her ex-husband (Van Brown, Children of God) isn’t quite ready to release her and her mother doesn’t believe that “coming out” will benefit the kids. Additionally, Nia, her lover, isn’t patient enough to stick around for her dramatic decision.

 Through “The Sugah Lounge,” an underground open mic event for poets and musicians of color, as well as with the help of her beloved therapist, Alyssa musters the courage to pursue an “alternative” family — despite what everyone around her thinks. We watch the impact of her decision on her daughters as they wrestle with their mother’s transformation and experience the stings of homophobia in their school. When she finally comes out to her seven-year-old daughter, Katera, and twelve-year-old daughter, Nicole, a true diva-in-training, Alyssa learns that love is the conduit and the catalyst that can truly change all.

 Through their unlikely, passionate, and inseparable connection, Alyssa and Nia are able to shatter their fears while encouraging each other to pursue their wildest dreams.

Interesting right? You can find out more about The Postwoman HERE.

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  • At 2012.11.24 11:23, The Postwoman Movie said:

    How sweet. “The Postwoman” feature film has not yet been released. We begin filming the feature in 2013. However, the short film (also called The Postwoman) will screen at the New York African Diaspora Film Festival on Tuesday, November 27 at the Thalia Theater at Symphony Space in New York along with “Tain’t Nobody’s Business.” Find out more details here: Thanks for supporting our upcoming feature! Would love to send you some promo materials for our feature! :)

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