Paris Hilton says gay men are disgusting and most of them have AIDS

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Ohhhh how the stupid have fallen. It looks like our resident coke head Miss Hilton has mustered up enough personality to make a derogatory comment about gay men and whether they have AIDS or not. The heiress was secretly recorded in a taxi cab making derogatory comments about gay men. All I have to say is that Paris Hilton has had more penis’s  inside of her body than Greg Louganis has swam laps. So if her analysis is correct, she would have AIDS too. I hope her publicist is ready to do damage control!

“Most of them probably have AIDS”

Listen to the audio HERE

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I like to write....

  • No one

    When has Paris Hilton ever been smart? She is the last person to judge and say that a group of people have AIDS! Why is she famous again?

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