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Boys’ Only | BRICKS; new black gay reality series

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Yes mam for the vogue track in the background.

A promoter, rapper, model, porn star, dancer, actor, IRAQ war veteran, student and teacher. All black, all men and all gay.  You know the shade is going to be thick and hillarity will ensure on the new reality series BRICKS.  Produced by Michael Rice, I have yet to hear whether the show will be a web series(I’m thinking that it will be as that’s where I found this trailer) or on network TV(hey Noah’s Arc redux).

Out of the names on the list of the cast members(Angyl Valentino, Brian Nieh, Clyde, Damion Gordon, Frank Williams, Nunney Karma, Rob Smith, Ronnie Williams and Patricks Johnson) Brian’s is the most familiar from some of the ADTV spots I watched – namely his interview with Kid Fury which is a little scandal, as well as his own personal “story” that aired on ADTV and his advert for his personal calendar.

While contact information – and information period for that matter – seems to be scarce for the series I’ll let you guys of course know what I dig up. Till then, I can’t wait.

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  • […] it seemed to be a new trailer and with a slightly different cast listing. I, of course, sort of flashed back to the first, much longer trailer. It’s a cute moment but I’m really just interested in the show getting started. Maybe […]

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