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Boys’ Only | Straight guys make out in front of Chick Fil A

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To be quite honest I’m over the Chick Fil A thing.
My view on it is this, I’m not going to purchase any Chick Fil A because I don’t want my money to be used to fuel anti-gay rights activists. In saying that, I believe that it’s Cathy’s constitutional right to do and say whatever he wants to as long as he doesn’t infringe on my rights, which he hasn’t. He has as much right to do that as I have to not purchase his product.

That being said, the fact that two straight guys made out(and partially groped) in front of Chick-Fil A for YouTube to show their support of the gays is hilarious. I mean I know Skyler Stone, who is a comedian/actor did it to get his name out there nine times out of ten, it makes it no less funny. If I was one for PDA, I’d totally would have been one of the couples snogging a few weeks back in a public display of support for gay rights at Chick Fil A locations around the nation, but alas I am not. More power to the gays – and well now straights – that are.

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