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Boys’ Only | Mike Huckabee and NOM’s Brian Brown side with Chick-fil-A[+ Audio]

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The amount of contradiction in just one simple video is astounding.
One would have to be pretty obtuse to not be aware of the drama going on with Chik-fil-A. Though you may not know all the details – like the fact that when toy vendors pull out of partnerships due to the company’s views on gay marriage, the company attempts to pose the botched partnership as one due to safety concerns, and one that ended at their own decision – the situation has gained such a life of its own that it’s all encompassing.
Well when I saw the above interview of the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown by Mike Huckabee, I literally wanted to gag. Huckabee and Brown assert that the gay community is “bullying up on Chick-fil-A for their personal views on keeping a traditional marriage,” but let’s take a look at that.
When the executives of a company take a public stance on a topic and then go on to espouse how the views of the company align with these ideas, you are removing it from the realm of “personal views.”
And what about that bullying bit? Well Brown, towards the end of the interview, talks about how “the people” have the power via where they invest their money and this is exactly what the gay community has decided to do: exercise their power by redirecting their finances. It’s called capitalism and I would assume that of all people the Republicans would understand that.

But to be quite honest, in this situation if you’d like to call me a bully, I’ll be that. This is a “personal view” that I have, and Huckabee shouldn’t be attempting to “bully” me into changing my mind.

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