Boys’ Only | Azealia Banks releases Fantasea mixtape, announces Mermaid Ball LA

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“Now one queen asked me, the other day was it
She said ‘Miss Thing, you think you’re fierce?’
I said ‘Of COURSE’
She said ‘All Queens think they’re fierce”
I said ‘Miss Thing, all Queens and ME!’”
Yessss! That’s just a sample of the ballroom fevah pumping through the veins of the track entitled Fierce on Azealia Banks’ latest mixtape, Fantasea. That’s not the only track for the kidz though, there’s also Ima Read as well, a remix of last fall and summer’s fashion track. While I won’t say that she surpassed Zebra Katz and Njena Reddd Foxxx – though to be quite honest, what does – it was a valiant effort.
While the first four tracks on the mixtape leave something to be desired I totally fell in love with the rest. Can’t wait for her next project which according to her twitter is an album.
- Download here -

Also according to her twitter, Banks’ is planning on repeating the success of her Mermaid Ball, this time in LA. Where the Cali-voguers at?

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