Homophobia spotted on Single Ladies…..

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There has been alot of talk about gay marriage and equality in the second season of Single Ladies (which im TOALLY loving). On Monday nights episode, Omar had a run in with his baby sisters fiance who expressed his dissaproval of Omars sexuality. He asked Omar if he could have his sisters hand in marriage which sounded good until he also Omar to say away from his sister and his nephew so that the child could learn to be a “real man”.

To add insult to injury, Presley (Omar’s sister played by the lovely Lala Vasquez) told Omar that she was accepting the proposal and that she wanted to go along with request to cut ties for a while. She assured Omar things wouldnt be that way forever but Omar was still extremely hurt by the situation as a whole. This episode was so emotional! Poor Omar. Leave your thought’s below :-)

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