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Q & A Time with FAB online fashion mag “Dressed”

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I had the opportunity to do an interview with a FAB Fashion guru who launched an online fashion mag by the name of Dressed. The e-mag is based out of NYC and the creator of the site , Christian Phillips, is amazing and shared some interesting information with us about the newly relaunched publication. Enjoy and share with friends!!


Tell us about the relaunch of your magazine. What inspired you to redesign your magazine?

This relaunch was well over due since our move to NYC. I’m always inspired to upgrade and make better and I feel you should never settle, so during the 6 month hiatus, I believe it was time to show the world we are still here and doing our thannggg.

Iteresting. Tell us about the concept of your magazine. What can we look forward to seeing in the first issue?

The concept of DRESSED is a little different from the traditional magazine. We are a street-style and personal style publication that focuses on the aftermath of getting DRESSED, who the person is, why they dress the way they do and where they shop of course. This issue coming out July 1st will be featuring the lovely Heather Jones, high-end consignment boutique owner and her style, “Ask Billie” column, a history lesson in hipster fashion and DRESSED NYC citizens.

“Ask Billie” ouns amazing! Why is fashion important to you and who are some of your favorite designers?

Fashion is important to me because I’m such a little vain, gay black boy.

Oh my. *Laughing* How long have you been interested in fashion for and when did you decide to launch a magazine?

This magazine concept/idea didn’t come to me over night. This started way back in the day when I used to peruse through the Vogues and W’s late a night in my bunk bed back in Charlotte, NC. I saw the void for “my type” of magazine out there on the newsstands. With my love for publications and fashion I hope this void is fulfilled.

What separates your magazine from other fashion publications?

DRESSED is not a magazine talking about what clothes are going down the runway but instead how regular people like you and I are wearing them. We also don’t focus on the “celebrity” of anyone person but we feel that everyone deserves some limelight.

I agree. Where do you see your magazine in three years?

Three years from now I see DRESSED being that go-to underground magazine that everyone knows about like the Village Voice once was. As our fan base and readership goes up, we want more of everything. More features, more clothes, more inspiration!

Is there someone who’s “big” in the fashion industry you would like to interview one day?

Dying to interview Rihanna and Kanye West honestly. I would die for that chance. Once that happens I will know we have made it :p

Last question. What message can you give young gay men on being successful and following their dreams?

On following your dreams: Honestly YOLO and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do what you love and love what you do. If your not loving it don’t do it. On being successful: Don’t burn ANY bridges because you WILL need the people you meet in your life later on. So treat everyone how you’d want to be treated!



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