Woman on Craigslist offers son a Macbook in exchange for being straight?

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Now this is what I call a hot ass mess. My buddy Miss Jia tweeted a photo of an advertisement in Craigs List that has a homophobic back story. The seller, who’s looking to get rid of a 15 inch Macbook, took the time to explain that the reason she’s selling the Macbook is because she bought her son a new one in exchange for him becoming straight. I have three comments to make.

1. This woman is an ass and no gadget or piece of equipment can turn a person “straight”.

2. Gay people love the internet so that’s probably why he wanted a new computer.

3. The fact that this woman felt compelled to put her dirty laundry on Craigs List is sad.

I dont which ad is worse. This one or the one about lesbians seeking a sperm donor with “good” hair. Either way I can’t.

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