Some people are gay….GET OVER IT!

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One of my followers on Twitter sent me a photo of a bus they saw somewhere in the UK. On the side of the bus was a hilarious advertisement by telling mass audiences that some people are gay and to get over it. I love it!

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  • Minxiemeesh

    Hey :) Just to let you know, that’s a London bus – Stonewall is a UK charity and have been running the ‘get over it’ campaign for years but have upped it recently to heighten awareness on the equal marriage consultation going on in parliament :)

  • Stephieb

    I love this too! Have the badge and Tshirt to go with it lol! The UK seem to be a bit ahead of the States in accepting homosexuality but increasing awareness and pushing for equal rights will always be a battle! Love the blog hunny, keep up the good work :)

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