Vibe Magazine catches heat after refering to reality wives Evelyn Lozada and Chrissy Lampkin as “New Role Models”

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Well well well, what do we have here? A pleasantly sarcastic title for a very controversial group of young ladies. After browsing through a number of blogs i’ve noticed that a number of people are unhappy about Vibe Magazine publishing an issue with reality stars on the cover, and then calling them the “new role models”. In Vibes defense, I don’t think they actually mean that those women are considered role models to the average person. Only the average teeny bopper or middle school/high school girl who doesn’t know any better. I also want to point out that Kandi Burruss is a WONDERFUL role model, mother  and business woman and that she deserves the spot she has on the cover. I love Chrissy but role model? Eh, not so much. She’s more like that cool ass around the way girl you want to befriend so she doesn’t kick your butt. I cant comment on Tamar because I dont know anything about her and Evelyn DAMN sure isn’t qualified to earn the title of “role model”.

The sarcastic undertone of Vibe’s entire issue has been used simply to gain the readers attention and point out that THESE WOMEN are the ones that our young black girls are looking up to. As disturbing as it is, a number of young women cannot distinguish between whats good for TV and what’s good for real life. Sad but true. I hope Evelyn cleans up her act soon before the same people who used to adore her chew her up and spit her out!

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