TheFabFemme sits down with lesbian author Kiki Archer and talks about her passions, her new novel, and her marriage of six years! – The Fab Femme

TheFabFemme sits down with lesbian author Kiki Archer and talks about her passions, her new novel, and her marriage of six years!

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I’m pleased to bring you all a special interview I did with a lesbian author by the name of Kiki Archer. Her new novel But She Is My Student is a bestseller in the “lesbian fiction” section of and has captured the hearts and minds of readers around the globe. Enjoy our interview and share with friends! Remember to #supportotherfemmes.


Name: Kiki Archer

Hometown: Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Zodiac Sign; Aries

Tell us a little about yourself Kiki. How did you start writing and when did you write your first book?

Ok, this is my first ever interview … am actually a little bit nervous! I’m 32, I have been in a civil partnership for 6 years now. Here is the link to a short video I made to support marriage equality in the UK: I am the blubbering one with curly hair! It was a very emotional day! We married in 2006 and then in 2007 my partner gave birth to our son and in 2008 I gave birth to our daughter. I had actually been a secondary school teacher for five years, but decided to leave the profession in 2007 to become a full time stay at home Mum; and it was in the evenings when the children were in bed that I had the inspiration to write my first novel.

Thats beautiful! Tell us about your current novel “But She Is My Student”. What was your inspiration for the novel and what kind of creative process did you go through while you were creating it?

“But She Is My Student” is a light hearted, yet poignant novel that deals with the serious issues of coming out / coming to terms with your sexuality / maintaining professionalism and waiting for love, in a funny, easy to relate to manner. I wanted to include school day memories for the reader and draw them back into a time where they would undoubtedly have had some sort of pupil / teacher crush. But it was always key for me that Kat, the teacher, would restrain her heart and maintain the essential student/teacher boundary.

 Interesting. Give us a little info on the characters in your novel. Are they based on anyone in particular?

 I think that Kat, the ever so gorgeous, smart, perfect teacher, is the person I would love to be! Freya is the teenager that I possibly was and Bea is that first time lesbian love that inevitably screws with your heart! The teachers Diane Pity and Fiona Mews are just exaggerated versions of some of the dreadfully homophobic people in society.

What message do you want “But She Is My Student” to relay to the reader?

I want readers to enjoy themselves and laugh out loud whilst also acknowledging the underlying messages of acceptance and tolerance. I also hope it will provide people who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality some assurance that gay is ok! Sexuality is only a tiny part of who a person is and the fact some people discriminate because of it, is absolutely awful. I do believe that my children’s generation will look back on the way gay people were treated with the same level of horror that our generation looks back at the way black people were treated. All discrimination is horrific and it must stop now.

Ok, so we know you’re probably working on something new now that your done with your book. Give us some tea and tell us about the new projects you’re working on.

Ok, so I am currently writing the sequel to “But She Is My Student” and I think it will be called “Instigations.” It is a direct follow on from the first novel and focuses on Kat and Freya’s new relationship and the possible obstacles that all new couples have to overcome. Freya is just starting out at University, which could lead to slight temptation … but hopefully she will make the right choice! Ben and Lucy have a huge, life changing event to deal with, and the wonderful Chianne Granger makes it back into the Sixth Form … poor Kat!

 What is your favorite book and is any of your work inspired by authors or novels that you’ve come in contact with in the past?

I love everything by Trin Denise. She is a bestselling lesbian novelist and has given me some really great guidance and support over the past few weeks. Other than her I love thrillers by Patricia Cornwell and Tess Gerritson.

Where do you see yourself in 5 yours as far as you’re writing career is concerned?

When I left teaching in 2007 I knew I would not return. Even though I loved the job I wanted to have a career where I could always be there for my children – take them to school, pick them up, help out with their homework, and basically not be stressed about my own life and work (Teaching is such an all-consuming profession!). Both of my children will be in full time education in September 2013 and I had thought about doing something in fitness – (I was a PE teacher … yes I know the stereotype!), but now I am hopefully going to spend the rest of my time writing lesbian novels and helping in any way that I possibly can with LGBT rights.

Last question. How do you stay inspired and stay focused on achieving your goals?

To be honest it is a bit of a release for me. All day is spent looking after the children and trying to be a perfect home-builder (My cooking is not great though!), that when it comes to their bed time I get to relax at my keyboard and move into a completely different world, where the words I write could end up making a difference to someone else’s life – that’s what motivates me.

 If you would like to learn more about Kiki please follow the links below.


Book preview:

Twitter: @kikiarcherbooks


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