A funny thing happened on the way to the grave… (a quirky story about gays and genetics) – The Fab Femme

A funny thing happened on the way to the grave… (a quirky story about gays and genetics)

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A few years back I attended a funeral that to  my surprise, ended up being more like a huge coming out party. One of my relatives passed away unexpectadly and as some of you may know, with unexpected deaths comes unexpected surprises. Let me get right to the story…..

So im at this funeral for my relative who jus so happens to be a man and I notice that there are a number of women around who favor drag queens. We always suspected that my cousin was gay but no one ever just came out and asked if he was or not. Are assumptions were confirmed after one of the drag queens (who looked a hell of alot like Diana Ross) threw a love letter into his casket and a mysterious gentleman showed up claiming to be his boyfriend. Talk about interesting right?

Thigs got even more interesting after the funeral when his long los brother from London showed up and was telling everyone about how he worked as a casting director for a play in the UK and how he was gay and proud of it. My cousins boyfriend (who was very sweet) came to the house as well and he was very upset that no one knew about him and that he wasnt able to say any last wordsduring the funeral. It turns out my cousin had a secret life two hours north of San Diego. Who knew?

A few hours later a number of the people who attended the funeral wer gone and my cousins close friends and family were left at my Aunts house. I still have no earthly idea what made her do it, but my cousins sister decided to come out and tell us all that she had been dating  woman for a few years now and that she was a lesbian. By this time I thought someone slipped some type of crazy truth serum in everyone’s punch and I was questioning whether I should finish my cup or not. The funeral had turned into one big a*s coming out party and when I really stopped to thik about it, all of the dots connected one by one.

My cousin, one of my aunts ( I have two), and his long lost brother all have the same father. My other aunt who is strictly dickly has a different father than the other three children. See the pattern? Call it coincidene, call it a funny story, call it whatever you want. I call it genetics and after seeing this, you cant convince me that being gay doesnt have something to do with genetics and the inner workings of your body.

Theres a theory that says if a couple has twins one of the twins will be gay. I know alot of twins and ironically enough, one of them is normally gay. I also know a number of sisters and brothers that are both gay. One of my followers on twitter told me that her mother is a lesbian and that she isnt gay because her mother is. She’s genuinely never had a sexual attraction to a man before and she’s 23 years old. I have friend who lives in Pittsburg thats 27 and is a “gold star” lesbian as well. She is also a femme. Whether people want to believe it or not there is some genetic reasn why gay people fel the way they feel.

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Aryka Randall is a media mogul in the making from San Diego, California. After relocating to Louisiana in 2004, Randall became active in her local LGBTQ community. Randall was recently featured on Go Magazines annual ‘100 Women We Love‘ issue along with Tagg Magazine, the Dinah Shore Blog, and a number of other LGBT publications for her work in the LGBT community

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