A few reasons why you should care about Trayvon Martins case…. – The Fab Femme

A few reasons why you should care about Trayvon Martins case….

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I haven’t done any blogging on the Trayvon Martin case because ive had a lot to say and haven’t been sure where to start. This whole ordeal is sick, sad, unfair and inhumane more than anything else. It’s disturbing to think that a young man’s life was taken because of another man’s ignorant belief in stereotypes. What’s even scarier is that the bigot who’s responsible for Trayvons death is still roaming free while Trayvons family and friends mourn and grieve his death.

Imagine a world where violence is justified by illegitimate stereotypes that have been forced upon you by society. Is every black kid walking down the street with a brown paper back in his hand up to no good? NO! Every white person who lives in a trailer isn’t a hillbilly, every gay man who loves kids isn’t child molester, and not every Mexican jumped the border to get here. People and their negative stereotypes are completely absurd and its time we all take a stand and stop reinforcing negative stereotypes and that are enforced in society.

It’s been a long time since a wide range of people throughout America have all agreed on one subject and felt strongly about it. One thing we have all come together to agree on is that what happened to Trayvon Martn was WRONG and there’s no excuse that will ever be good enough to anyone who is empathetic and has a brother, son, boyfriend, or friend that this could have happened to.

The reality is that if the shoe were on the other foot and Trayvon was white and the Neighborhood Watchman (who was self-appointed and wasn’t supposed to be carrying a gun while on duty) was black his ass would have been under the jail ten minutes after the incident took place. Racism, bigotry and negative stereotypes all go hand in hand. When will the hate stop? Furthermore when will justice be served?

Why should Trayvon Martins case be important to you? Because it could have happened to you or one of your loved ones and you would want justice to be served just like his family does. Be mindful that human rights are civil rights and when your civil rights are infringed upon its time to be worried.

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