Three lesbians charged with assualt for beating a gay man in Boston – The Fab Femme

Three lesbians charged with assualt for beating a gay man in Boston

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This is a hot ass mess to say the least. Three lesbians by the names of Erika Stroud, Felicia Stroud and Lydia Sanford have been charged with assault after jumping a gay man in a stairwell in Boston. The victim told officers that he felt like he was targeted because of his sexuality. All three of the women were screaming and calling him a f*ggot while they were kicking him and punching him. The women who are being charged for the crime claim that they arent homophobic (because they are gay) and that he called them a few racial slurs before the fight ensued.

At the end of the day these girls are wrong and there’s no if, ands or buts about it. The whole “im not homophobic because im gay” stance is bullshit and let me tell you why. There are a number of gay men and women who dont like other gay people who are the opposite sex. Ive heard butch women talk about how they hate “fags” and ive hear gay men talk about how they hate “dikes”. It goes both ways. So that theory my friends, is dead. Secondly, when did it ok to jump people and call them f*gs just because they accidental bumped into you? If your gay why would you even think its of to call someone a “fag” or a “dike” in an aggressive manor and think that its ok? These girls are a hot ass mess and im not sad to see them in cuffs. We have GOT TO DO BETTER!

Source: Huffington Post 

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