Magic Johnson has plans to stop homophobia in the Hip Hop community and spread the word about HIV + Talks white gay community – The Fab Femme

Magic Johnson has plans to stop homophobia in the Hip Hop community and spread the word about HIV + Talks white gay community

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I love to hear about homophobia being tackled within the Hip Hop community. Magic Johnson is doing his part to help educate Black America and the Hip Hop community about homophobia and why gays deserve equality like everyone else. Magic Johnson is the perfect person to help stop homophobia within the Hip Hop community since so many young black men look up to him. He will also talk about HIV/AIDS within the Black community and how we can take steps towards preventing it. I can’t wait to see who he can influence to help stop homophobia with his influential voice and I can’t wait to see what he has to see about HIV/AIDS. Check out a few excerpts about the project below.  Read More at Necole

“I learned a lot from the white gay community because they had gotten their community, rallied them, educated them and did a wonderful job about driving the numbers down. That is the best approach that I’ve seen; it’s been the most effective. So what we try to do in our community is bring those results to us. So I’m working hard to continue to educate minorities about HIV and AIDS and we’ve got to band together. We’re too fragmented right now, but if we can do that, we’re going to do well.

As a hip-hop fan, you realize that homophobia is still an issue everywhere, but especially in the black community. When people are scared to talk about it, that’s how the disease spreads. So what have you been doing to get that risk reduced?

“What we’re trying to do is reach out to the hip-hop community because they have power — power with their voice, power with that mic in their hand and power with the lyrics that they sing. I have a lot of friends in that industry and so what we’re trying to do is rally them to get behind the cause, deliver the message to these young people that HIV and AIDS is big and it’s not going anywhere. They can make a difference right away by speaking out, because they have a big fan base.

So we’re finding out that a lot of them want to be involved; they’re just looking for a group like ours to latch onto and be a part of it. We haven’t really had any push-back from the hip-hop community.”

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