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The Real L Word episode 8 review

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Season 2 of The Real L Word is coming to an abrupt end! Sad right? This weeks episode was pretty full of drama and definitely showcased an interesting prequel to next weeks final episode. Lets get right into the review!

Sajdah’s mom came in town to visit her and see what her life is like in Los Angeles. They discussed Chanel and her Saj’s mom told her she thought the relationship may have suffered because the two of them were moving very fast. She gave her great advice and encouraged her to just be patient and see where things go. Later on in the episode the two of them took a trip to Saj’s job. This was an AMAZINGLY pure and sweet moment on the show. Saj’s mother seemed very eager to learn about the gay community and why equal rights are so important to the LGBT community. She shared stories about how she thought Saj was going through a phase when she first came out and quickly realized she wasn’t after a brief looksy through her Facebook page.

Sajdah also took her mother to the church she attends where people are encouraged to “come as they are.” Her mother expressed approval of Sajdahs life in Los Angeles and said that she supported her 100%. I wish more black mothers could be accepting of who their children are instead of trying to change them. Sajdah has an AMAZINGLY FAB mother. You rock mama Saj!

Francine and Claire are a done deal and Francine has moved on to a new woman who seems like a really great match for her. The two of them decide to throw a dinner party for their friends. Kelsey and Romi were at the party and interestingly enough, Kelsey expressed jealousy towards Romi and Whitneys friendship. Aside from that little drama, the dinner party was a hit and Francine announced that she would be coming out to her mom very soon. Good luck Francine!

In other news, Romi and Kelsey finally parted ways. Romi and Kelsey have a heated argument after Kelsey decides to have a drink with her family and the end result is Romi telling her she needs to get sober alone. She cant be with her as long as she continues to drink. Kelsy tells her she’ll regret her decision and packs her things to head to a mutual friends house. I would be lying if I said I didnt see this one coming.

 Whitney is happy living in Whitney land. She’s organizing a “Pumps vs Pumps” benefit to help and do something that promotes a better cause. The event sounds absolutelyAMAZING and will consist of butch girls competing against femme girls. Whitney also organized a small event to present Cori and Kacy with their new improved baby making inseminator. All of the girls from the RLW attend and giggle and gawk at the ummm “functional” baby maker. This is when the episode gets EXTREMELY interesting. After the party Whitney is making a guilty face and frantically texting on her phone to an unknown sender. Her roommate inquires about who she’s texting and she claims she’s tweeting. A few minutes later theres a knock on the door and guess who it is? ROMI! AHHHH!!! Crazy right? JUICY! I cant wait to see these two get it in on the next episode. They make a hot couple. Im sad the show is coming to an end but im stoked to see what will happen next season! Stay tuned to see what happens next week!

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  • At 2011.09.27 15:11, Ashley said:

    Chanel is my cousin and and I love her, reading this makes me happy that she found real love. I know for a fact the she cares about Saj and I am happy that everyone can see that as well

    • At 2011.09.28 00:08, admin said:

      Im glad they found each other too! LOVE is an amazing thing. Thanks for commenting! i hope enjoy the blog :)

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