Amber Rose talks bisexuality with Curve Magazine♥

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Amber Rose is finally talking about her sexuality with major publications. Amber sat down with Curve Magazine and talked about her life with a single mother, her first girlfriend, and her sexuality. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below.. Its great that Ambers talking about her sexulaity openly :-) Great interview!


“Ive always been attracted to girls since I was little, and I liked boys too. But as I got older in my teenage years alot of the, you know, “freaky girls” who were doing all kinds of nasty stuff would say they were bisexual so I never wanted to, becasue I wasnt into those things.

It was a weird moment in my life when I didnt know how to explain to myself that I wasnt gay, but I wasnt straight and I just wasnt some freak- that you know was just having threesomes all day (laughs). For me, if I was in a relationship when a woman that I was just in a relationship with her and vice versa.

When I had my first girlfriend- me and my mom are best friends- I just told her and my mom was like, ” Whatever makes you happy girl. Whetever you like that’s you business. I dont care.” It was really easy for me.”

Make sure to purchase a copy of Curve Magazine today to check out the entire interview :-)

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