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The Real L Word Review- Episode 6

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Episode five of The Real L Word was a hot mess. I am completely entertained by the antics of some of the cast members on the show. Claire and Francine to be more specific. Those two are liable to rip each others heads off at any given moment. It surprises me that they every even dated. Before I discuss those two, lets get into the details of what happened with the rest of the ladies on the show.

The episode opened up with Romi struggling with the anniversary of her fathers death. Romi looks down and spends the day reminiscing and remembering the good times she had with her father. Her mother gives her a book full of photos and trinkets that were put together to remember her dad. This was a very sweet gesture! Kelsey is still being slightly douchy and announces that she doesn’t plan on quiting alcohol forever. Romi doesn’t look pleased. Talk about stress on top of stress.

Sajdah and Chanel are planning their “30 day” anniversary. since both of their birthdays are on the 30th and they made their relationship official on the 30th, it would only be right for them to celebrate the 30th day of every month. Sadjah plans on christening their first celebration with a little love making. The two finally have sex after finding out their STD tests came back negative. Alright Sajdah! Get you some girl!!

In other news, Whitney is planning on making an “insiminator” for Cori and Kacy. Heres the twist. Whitney and her roomie made an actual mold of a friends penis instead of buying a dildo or a strap that simulates a male ejaculation. The actual processes of molding the prosthetic penums was pretty difficult. Everytime Whitney poured the mixture on his piece it would go limp. Lol. see where this could cause a problem?

Speaking of sperm, Cory and Kaci were dissapointed after receiving a call from their doctor saying that one of their tubes of sperm had been destroyed on accident. Cory was devastated and expressed her concerns with not being able to get pregnant. Kaci comforted her and offered her two cigarettes and a warm embrace. These two are an amazing couple.

Last but not least in this post are Francine and Claire. These two are a hot ass mess together. Francine finally got tired of the love triangle including herself, Claire and Vivian and kicked Claire to the curb…… Literally. She put all of her sh*t outside and told her to come and get it in the morning. Claire was pissed when she saw her things outside and burns off into the sunset in her little beemer after bitching out Francine’s friend thats standing outside when she goes to pick up her belongings. In case you haven’t guessed, this means WAR. Stay tuned for the review of episode 6 of The Real L Word :-)

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