Fernies Corner: EXCLUSIVE interview with Ru Pauls Drag Race Season 3 contestant Stacy Layne Matthews – The Fab Femme

Fernies Corner: EXCLUSIVE interview with Ru Pauls Drag Race Season 3 contestant Stacy Layne Matthews

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We all remember Stacy Layne Matthews from season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race as one of the most humble queens. She didn’t get into fights, or get catty, or had to rip a queens wig off. But she was criticized a lot for being one of the plus sized queens. Here’s a brief interview on what Stacy had to say, along with updates on what she’s up to now!

Stacy L Matthews Bryant thank you so much for doing this interview, lets start shall we? When you got the call to be on Drag Race, how did it feel?

Well I was pretty excited because a lot of things like that don’t happen to people from where I come from. Opportunities don’t come by that often, so I was pretty ecstatic!

Do you get recognized around your hometown?

You know its kind of crazy because at least everywhere I go 5 people will recognize me, like say I go to the grocery store or WalMart, they’ll  recognize me!

Thats pretty cool! Stacy how did you like your time on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

I enjoyed being surronded by people that come from different types of drag. It was hard for me though because I wasn’t used to that enviroment I was used to running my shows at the club you know the television is so much different. Its hard work didnt get much sleep, but it was a competition so I enjoyed it.

Anything you enjoyed the least?

Just not being able to have time to myself and relax. When I wasn’t filming, I was in my hotel room trying to learn the song, making sure I knew the words to the song, incase I was in the bottom two.

If you could go back in time and change something from your time on the show would you?

I think I would of been a little more open because If you ask anyone who knows me, they would tell you I’m not this quiet person, I’m more talkative, I talk a lot of crap and I want people to think that!

I know you were criticized a lot for being one of the bigger queens by some of the contestants, what did you think about that?

I think size has nothing to do with talent, I know I’m very talented. I’m not just a drag queen, I’m an entertainer, I’m a singer and I do a whole lot more than just drag. So for people to have anything negative to say about a plus size queen…I think some of the greatest entertainers are plus sized in my eyes, so.

You really kept your cool throughout the season and seemed like the most humble. Was there ever a time where you just wanted to slap a queen or tell her off?

There was a lot of times I wanted to do that! It wasn’t just 1 or 2 or 3 or 5. The competition was a lot of pressure so there were quite a few times I wanted to slap all of them.

Most memorable moment?

You know probably meeting all the celebrity judges and RuPaul for the first time. I have never been expose to that kind of life so that was pretty amazing for me. Never thought I would be doing that.

Favorite celebrity judge?

I would have to say Susan Powter because she has a potty mouth! I love it!

Did you make friends on the show? Who do you keep in contact with?

I made quite a few friends actually. The people I talk to the most are Mimi Imfurst, Shangela, and Yara! I talk to past season girls more than I do season 3 because everyone seems so busy! Everyones off doing their thing.

During the reunion you became an honorary Heather. Do you still hold that title?

I wouldn’t call myself a Heather, I think it was a great gesture but I didn’t really believe a lot of it.

What did you think about the whole boogers vs Heathers deal?


You know I felt it was ridiculous. I think it was ridiculous on the show and I still think its ridiculous now. We’re all very talented so for a group of people on the show to call another group of people boogers is ridiculous. Boogers obviously wouldn’t have been cast on the show.

How is life after Drag Race?

Its amazing! I’m working with an amazing manager, I’m working all across the country and I’m about to do 2 broadway shows!

Wow thats great, can you tell us more about that?!

I’m working on my own Broadway show and I’m going to be making a guest spot on My Big Gay Italian Wedding on Broadway. I also just finished a tv pilot for a show called Out Life and I will be doing some music soon, I have a whole list of things I’m working on!

How are the fans treating you? Do you get recognized wherever you go?

They’re amazing I have such an amazing fan base! I try to respond to everyone on facebook and show my love and support for everyone who does the same for me!

Have you ever had an OMG moment on stage while performing?

There’s been a lot of times where I caught off balance and there’s also times that I’ve fallen on stage, you know I have to play it off, I’m quite an acctress so I pretend like its part of the act.

What is your performance style? Favorite song to perform to?

I love a lot of Broadway, so my favorite song is And I’m Telling You from Dreamgirls!

Any pre performance rituals? What amps you up to go on stage?

I have my quite moments, times where I just sit by myself, and soak it all in.

Best advice you can give to anyone wanting to do drag?

I would say find your inspiration in someone you look up to specially another drag queen. Find your own style, your own style of music. Do what you want to do because theirs so many types of drag and I don’t think any kind of drag is better than the other. Just find your own character and do what you do the best!

There you have it folks! Another amazing queen to go down in Drag Race history. As I sashay away I’m wondering what Stacy Layne will sing about? She could be the next Gaga you know! Tune in next time! Who knows what queen I will come after next!

If you want to see more of Stacy she will be at the Laurie Beechman Theater July 29-31 visit www.spincyclenyc.com for more info!

She will also make a guest spot appearance on My Big Gay Italian Wedding June 23-25 visit www.biggayitalianwedding.com for more info!

Keep up with Stacy on facebook and twitter!



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