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Fab Series: I’m a Lesbian and im in a straight sorority♥

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 Organization: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority inc.

Founded: January 15, 1908

AKA Representative: Linn

The Femme: What made you decide to join AKA?

Linn: I knew a few AKA’s who were on campus that I thought were really good people. I got to know a girl named Mariah and I learned that she was the only active member in AKA at the time. I admired her drive and how much work she did for the community. I decided I wanted to be a part of that.

The Femme: Were you open about your sexuality with your peers? Were you out yet?

Linn: Oh god. I still wasn’t sure about my sexuality when I was deciding whether to join or not. My first girl experience was actually taking place while I was in the process of joining AKA. I wasn’t sure if I was a Lesbian or if I just liked that one particular girl. I didn’t say much about how I felt to anyone.

The Femme: That sounds like my college experience! Lol. Kind of. Do you feel like sororities are more accepting of openly gay participants than frats are?

Linn: That’s a tough one. I think the people in the organization make the letters. If you have a group of homophobic people in a sorority everyone will assume that sorority is homophobic as a whole. Same with frats. I graduated in 2004 and people weren’t coming out back then. It wasn’t “cool” to be gay like it is now. I think it just depends on the people in the organization.

The Femme: How do you feel about Gay Greek organizations?

Linn: To be honest, I don’t think its about gay or straight as long as your doing things for the community. Its all about service. I can respect anyone who’s doing a service for the community and doing it well. One phrase that AKA lives by is “Service for all man kind.” That phrase has stuck with me over the years.

The Femme: I like that answer! Have you ever considered joining a Gay Greek organization?

Linn: Not really. I didn’t even know they existed until a few months ago when I interviewed someone who was in one. We don’t have alot of Gay Greek organizations in New York. Things may have been different if I would have had the option to join when I was still on campus but I didn’t so who knows.

The Femme: Do you think Greek organizations will become more accepting of gay applicants as time goes on?

Linn: I think the world as a whole will become more accepting of gay people. I think over time AG females may be able to walk into a meeting for a sorority and not catch stares or funny looks. I just think things will get better in general.

Thanks for participating Linn! Check out her website HERE and follow her on twitter.


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