Q & A Time with Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant Serena Cha Cha

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Happy hump day everyone! Yesterday we had the pleasure of interviewing one of the FAB drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5. Miss Serena Cha Cha is FIERCE and we dished on everything from how she got started in the industry to what she see’s herself doing in the near future. Cha Cha is an interisting person and getting to know her outside of the show was interesting. Enjoy our interview and check out her links below!


Tell us about how you got started doing drag.

I started doing drag after going to two drag shows and then telling myself, wait a second, im a good dancer and I’m small. Maybe I want to try and do this too. I thought I could do well and I have.

How did your friends and family take to your decision to do drag? How is drag viewed in Panama?

My family has been the biggest backbone I have. They are all gratious about it and they are very fascinated about with the culture. They all support my career ans want to see me do well. In Panama drag is very new. I hope to be a messenger and to make them aware of the whole drag movement.

 Tell us about how you felt when you learned you were casted on RDR.

I found out I was casted four days after I graduated college. That was the best college present I could have asked for. I was ready to get credit and jump into a big drag circuit that was bigger than me.

 What did you learn from being on the show and do you have any regrets?

I learned that our culture has a lot of improvement to undergo. I also learned that I am a very opinionated person. I have no regrets. I did everything I did with pride and I am proud of what I accomplished.

 If you weren’t doing drag what would you have been doing?

I would probably still be wanting to be a painter. There’s alot of potential in drag which is my first passion. Its a lot of artistic practices. Makeup is a form of painting. Fashion is a form of culture. Showmanship is also a form of art.

 Beautifully put. Tell us about your plans for the future.

 I plan on producing more work and to work on the things that will get Serena Cha Cha to her peak. Its very very hard but it’s satisfying.