Q & A Time with Real World San Diego star Sam McGinn

Last week TFF had the pleasure of doing a FAB interview with Sam McGinn from Real World San Diego. We talked about everything from how she felt being cast on the show to what it was like performing as a drag king. Sam is one hell of a woman to say the least. Share with friends and comment below!


Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what kind of upbringing did you have?

I am from Chesapeake, VA a 2008 graduate of Hickory High School. I help out in the community with my sister’s girl scout troop, as well as help out with my high school marching band from time to time. My upbringing was the normal childhood, mom and dad still married, a younger sister. I did however get raised in a semi-strict household due to my father being in the active duty section of the US Navy. My father is one of my biggest hero’s in my life and I can’t imagine being with out him.

Thats sweet. What kind of reaction did you get from family and friends when you came out? Were they surprised and have you dealt with a lot of discrimination being a “butch” woman in society?

The reaction that I got from my family at first was not very supportive. My mother thought that it was a phase and I would grow out of it. So at the beginning her and I did not get along at all, we fought all the time over the little things. We ended up going to therapy and fixing our relationship. And now 2 years after that we are very close. My father on the other hand had a pretty good idea that I would end up being gay and didn’t have a problem with it. The only “discrimination” I deal with is getting confused for a male. But I don’t take offense to it because I choose to look this way and act this way. I do not come off as a man when i meet people they know immediately that I am a lesbian.

Thats interesting. Ususally the mom is the one who’s more open to the idea and the dad is a bit more standoffish. Your dad sounds great.So we were first introduced to Sam McGinn via Real World San Diego. Tell us about that experience. What made you decide to audition to be on the show and how did you feel once you found out you’d been casted?

I actually had no intention of being casted on the show. I first went to an open casting call with one of my best friends after hearing the advertisement on the radio. She and I went out as a complete JOKE and she ended up not making it very far, but for me I made it through to the finals twice. I was originally supposed to be cast on the Las Vegas season 25, but at the point that the Las Vegas season was going to be filmed I wasn’t old enough to be living in the Hard Rock Casino. So Bunim Murray saved me for the following season, that’s how i ended up in San Diego. But once I got casted it was an amazing feeling, one like I’ve never felt before. To know that me out of hundred’s of thousands of candidates I got chosen is huge!!! And I still think that it’s surreal!! To see myself on television is just crazy.

That is crazy. Tell us some of the pros and cons of being on the show. How did life change after being seen on national television?

Some of the pros of the show were, I got to get a huge message across, to stand up for yourself, also to be who you are and not be afraid of it. And also being a role model for people coming out, and people who are already out, giving people the strength to know that you can do anything you put your mind to!

Some of the cons of the show were that I get called a douche-bag because I was on reality television, or I get called a rich kid because “I was on TV, you have to be rich”, I also have people trying to use me for my “status”, and people trying to be my friend just cause I was on tv.

Haters wil be haters. What can you do. We will also introduced to you FAB Drag King alter ego on the show Shawn Jade. Tell us about. When did your alter ego evolve and where did you perform for the first time?

My alter ego came around in February of 2011. I was at my local gay bar and I saw another drag king perform and I just wanted to try it one time, so I talked to the main drag queen and she told me to come out the following week and dance and I did just that. Now at the club I’m known as $hawn Jade. I performed at Klub Ambush in my hometown and still perform there from time to time.

Who do the ladies love more. Shawn or Sam?

The ladies love both ego’s of mine, the Shawn ego is basically the same as Sam but dances whenever and wherever. We are both very smooth with the ladies.

Nice. Ok, back to serious questions. Tell us about the current projects your working on for 2012. What can we expect from you this year?

In the upcoming year the things that you can expect from me are more ties to the LGBTQ community (working with a few cities and their PRIDE weeks, etc.) also working more with the Relay for Life charity group and doing mulitple walks with the cause. Other than that I will just be traveling the states and getting the word out on standing up for who you are and not being afraid of it.

Awesome.Last question. Where do you see yourself career wise within the next 5 years?

Career wise in the next 5 years or so I hope to be finished with school and be on my way to becoming a juvenile parole officer. Or working with the LGBT community. And I will still be dancing til the day I die!!

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