Q & A Time with artist and model Dre Price

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We have a special interview with a good friend of ours who’s an extremely talented model and artist! Her name is Dre Price and she is the epitome of the word FAB. During our interview we dished on her career, her recent fashion gigs, and what keeps her inspired creatively on a day to day business. Enjoy the interview and enjoy getting to know this FIERCE lady a little better!


Tell us about yourself. Who is Andrea Price and what does she do?

I am a southern born and raised multimedia visual artist. Simply put, I create things. Paintings, photos, graphic designs, sketches, tattoos, etc. I incorporate my artistic abilities and creativity into everything I do. I also model a bit, however, I consider modeling to be just another extension of me being an artist. Posing in photos is another way of expressing myself.

Interesting.You dabble in a number of creative activities such as modeling and painting. How did you get started and what keeps your creative juices flowing?

I started painting when I was 14. I had a bad experience with my drawing teacher in high school and painting was the only other option. From day 1 of class, it felt natural. I was able to complete the entire years projects within the first 6wks. After that, my teacher allowed me to paint projects of my choice. I started off doing celebrities and couple of my classmates parents/grandparents. My first mural was in high school as well. I was working as an after school art teacher at a day care and I painted the windows and walls all throughout the school. Painting has never left me since then. I stopped for a while once I got in college, but I befriended a crew of artists that gave me so much inspiration I picked the brush up again. I didn’t go public with my paintings until summer 2011. It’s been amazing experience thus far. I’m am deeply humbled and honored people actually view and like my work. It’s the coolest thing that’s happened to me.

I was a late bloomer of the model world. I started in 2007. My cousin, and mentor, is a model in Atlanta. She coerced me into going to my first casting. From there, I diligently networked, cat walked and took photos with photographers I thought were great. I’ve been blessed enough to encounter some extremely talented photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers that were willing to give me a chance.I draw inspiration literally from EVERYTHING. I write things down as they hit me. I often wake up out of my sleep with an idea and scribble it down until I can bring it to fruition. If it catches my eye, I make sure I remember it.

Your lucky to have found something your so passionate about early on in life! Let’s talk about your artwork. Tell us about some of the current projects your working on.

I have so many projects going on simultaneously! I paint as often as I can. I have a showing benefiting battered women on Sat, Jan. 21 at Isis in Houston. I’ll be creating something new specifically for that show.

My next BIG exhibition is the RAW:Houston presents ACTIVATE Show February 2 at Stereo Live in Houston,TX. I’ll have new work at that show as well. I’m really excited to be apart of this show. I’m planning to show unreleased work there as well. Tickets are available now for $10 http://www.rawartists.org/houston/activate under my name. I need to sell 20 tickets to participate in the next big show they have. Be sure to select Dre Price when making your purchase. I’ll also be giving out free gummy bears in my booth!

 Alright for the gummy bears! Is there a specific technique you use while painting? Where do you draw inspiration from for colors and textile ideas?

I’m pretty much self taught so I don’t have a particular technique. I like to build my colors up. I do a base color and layer over it until I’m happy with it. I’ve always painted on different types of surfaces. Wood is my favorite right now. I love how it absorbs and reflects the colors so richly. The texture of the wood is great too. Canvas can get boring lol. I plan to do furniture and a few other objects/surfaces in the future. The inspiration from it comes from everywhere. People, artists, movies, landscapes… I operate with the “lightbulb effect.” The idea hits me, and I execute.

 People who teach themselves get alot further in life. Do you have a favorite piece of artwork or one particular painting that sticks out in your mind for some reason?

I always have favorites. Right now I’m attached to 2 of my paintings, “Jane” (with the piercings) and “Heart on my Sleeve.” I can’t say exactly what it is about these two, but they make me cheese on sight.

 Heart on my sleeve is dope. Your also an amazing model as well as an artist. How do you balance the two careers and how do your goals as a model differ from your goals as an artist?

I manage the two by only accepting the modeling offers that peak MY INTEREST the most. I’ve done enough fashion shows and shoots just because I had the opportunity. Now, it’s all about the concepts presented to me. If it blows my mind, I’ll do it. If not, I’ll pass. My priority is launching my painting business right now.

Tell us about the last runway show or photo shoot you did. What concepts were used for the creative experience and how did you feel at the end of the day?

My last runway show was in Dec, 2011. It was actually a showing for my artwork as well. It was held at an art gallery here in Houston. Two of my paintings were on display along the runway. The title of the show was “Rockstar Runway.” The basic premise was an eclectic artsy environment. They had a live music performance and artwork everywhere you turned. It was a great show

 That sounds amazing.You could be classified as an “androgynous” model. How do you feel about the rise of androgynous models in main stream media within the past decade? Is the modeling world neaded in the right direction?

I’m excited to see the rise of androgynous models. Beauty is not limited to gender. We’re living in times where the gender line is blurred and I absolutely LOVE it. Being an androgynous model allows for more opportunities. I’m not sure if the fashion industry is consolidating their models lol, but it seems very possible in the future that there will be men and women in ads as both genders. This can increase the competition in the model world. The ability to pull off any look is a model’s sole purpose. Being androgynous is just that…. being able to pull off ANYTHING.

What is your ultimate goal for your modeling career?

I ultimately want to use modeling to gain exposure for my artwork. I hope the silver screen is in my future!

Last question, is there anything you would like to tell Fab Femme readers about staying focused on goals and less on negative energy/thoughts?

There will always be distractions, there will always be someone that tells you that you can’t. YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR BIGGEST MOTIVATOR!! Trust your instincts and stay true to yourself. Most of all, just keep working. The recognition you want may not be there now, but if you continue to outdo yourself and put our better quality work… it will come. Perseverance through dedication and patience.



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