Q & A Time with DJ Carmin Wong

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I have a treat for anyone who appreciates great music and even better DJ’s. I did a short Q&A with DJ Carmin Wong where we dished on her career, her love for music, and her goals for the near. This girl is FAB and her work ethic is something like a “phenomenon” as they say. I hope you all enjoy this interview! Share with friends and check out her links below.


Tell us about yourself. Who is Carmin Wong and when did you become a DJ?

I direct and lead my community, Develop and manage properties, product/artist/music development, Executive Designer, comedian, my favorite is to deejay in front of the masses and sharing my self produced tracks.

Interesting. Who inspired you early on in your career?

My family, friends, tenants, colleagues, most of all my fans.

Tell us about some of your music.

My music will be up on i-tunes pretty soon for download! My music is trance but I help develop artist in all genres.

Thats great. I LOVE trance, techno and dub step. What inspires you to make music and what inspires your mixing style.

When I make music I visualize the stage effects, and how my music takes off at events, the club, arena, stadium with all the visual effects, laser effects, foggers, confetti, and how the audience would feel.

 Thats interesting. Ive never even though about that. Maybe that’s why i’m not a DJ. Tell us about some of the current products your working on.

I am working on many more tracks after the first single release and also remixing for big names which I cannot disclose until contracts are signed. I also have a Vinyl toy in production and much more to come which will soon be avaliable to the general public.

You’ve had the privilege of DJing at a slew of prominent LGBT events. Which events have you enjoyed working the most and why?

I’ve been at many of the pride events all over the United States in the last 6 years I have to say its the best time to celebrate being Gay and to party with all of my friend’s and fan’s!

I enjoy pride season too. Name one proud moment in your career that sticks out thus far.

While I was at work at Universal Studios for a red carpet event at the Governor’s Gala where Arnold Schwarzenegger Smiled at me, I knew I was doing something right?

Nice. Are there any artist you dream about working with?

Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta.

What’s playing on your ipod right now?

My new self produced track, For Eternity

Random but if you could venture off to an island alone for a year and bring one person with you who would it be?

Someone who would want to be stuck on an island with me for a year? My longest relationship with a significant other has never lasted even longer than 3 months let alone a year.

Haha! Your funny.Last question. What’s your ultimate goal for your career?

To accomplish the next Sanrio, develop and manage ocean front properties, produce many album’s that I would release at clubs, events, and stadium’s all over the World.

Twitter @Carminspalace