Q & A Time with Lala’s Full Court Life star Po Johnson

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Happy hump day everyone! We have something very exciting to share with you all. TFF did an amazing interview with Po Johnson from Lala’s Full Court Life. We dished about her new album, her stint on reality TV and her life as a musician. This girl is FAB and her personaloty matches her quirky sense of style. Enjoy the interview and make sure to share it with your friends.


Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you originally from? How was your high school experiemce and when did you meet your gal pals Dice and Lala?

Ooohh…soo much to tell. But the basics, I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Raised there and in Houston, TX. High School was pretty interesting. I went to school with many different types of people. I was part of a program where they re-zoned the kids in the hood so they could attend the nicer schools in the rural areas. Because of that we were all meshed in together and it was a blast. I didn’t quite know where I fit in so I always felt like I was performing for approval.

Later I learned that insecurity and feeling of non acceptance lied within myself and not my peers. High School taught me the importance of individuality and loving yourself. I met Lala through a mutual friend whom I went to college with. It wasn’t until after college where I uninvitingly moved in with Lala and our mutual friend’s apartment that we got close. A few weeks later Dice moved in the same apt, needless to say we were running out of love seats and couches to sleep on. It was about 6-8 of us there at any given time…good times!

Good times. I had great times with my gal pals in college too. I had no idea you were from Louisiana. When did you “come oue” and how did your family and friends respond? Tell us about your first trip to a gay club (because we know those are always interesting).

I never “came out”. I am who I am and I never had to make a statement or reveal anything. I didn’t leave it up for a discussion. Its kinda always been. “Mom, Dad or whoever, this is who Im currently in love with and Im happy” take it or leave it. Im blessed to be able to say my family are my #1 supporters regardless of who I date. Though, that courage was learned, i think its important. Hmm, my first trip to a gay club was in NY and it was an accident. I had a really bad day and I just wanted a drink. Sure enough, it was a gay club. I think it was in Brooklyn. I hit on a few people for the hell of it, they dissed me and I got outta there…Ha! What a f’n day that was!

Nice. I never felt compelled to announce my gayness to the world either. Ok, so your completely in love with music. When did you fall in love with your microphone and who were some of your musical influences early on in your career? Who do you enjoy listening to now?

I definitely have a love affair with music. Growing up I wasn’t allowed to listen to “secular” music. So anything my mom said I couldn’t do I wanted to do more of! My oldest brother, Marvin, who I thought (still do) was the coolest guy on earth had his own room and I use to sneak in and listen to his cd’s. He listened to Prince a lot so that was a HUGE influence. I had a closet gay guy friend who turned me on “glam rock”! It was over from there!!!! Men in leather pants and long hair solidified my existence! David Bowie, Queen, Little Richard, Tina Turner, No Doubt! I was floored. Funny thing is outside of Destiny’s Child I wasn’t aware of my generation’s music until I moved out the house…17. Shit, after that I was TURNED OUT! Right now Im listening to NIN, Bruno Mars, Stacy Barthe’s new EP, Dragonette, Lady Tron, Tegan & Sara, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Frank Ocean, Angels & Airwaves, MGMT…I just love music. I have 3 iPods depending on which one Im rocking I could be listening to Damien Rice, Ben Harper, Eagles, David Bowie..

I love it. Im a big David Bowie fan and Electro music is great too. LadyTron is awesome. Tell us about your new EP titled Super Kind of Psycho Sexy Love. What was your inspiration for the album and when can we excpect a video from you?

Super Kinda Psycho Sexy Love is my definition or my portrayal of what I feel with love. Its not just about relationships, its about being so passionate about something that you feel like you’re going to explode! I was inspired to write that record because at the time, I was going through a lot. Romantically, professionally and spiritually. I was taping the show, and at a very insecure state. I just wanted the world to like me as well as my lover, friends just everyone! So its just me promising everyone that I’ll be everything they want…just want me back. Hopefully the audience can relate. We’re working on the budget now for the video but ya know..I have to release my own underground version ;-) Actually, it should be done this Friday!

Cant wait to see the video. You were recently spotted on VH1’s hit show Lala’s Full Court Life. Tell us a little about your stint on the show and how being on TV has changed your life. are you getting used to being a “celesbian”?

The show was a lot of fun! Different but fun! I thought it would be weird but they just taped us being ourselves. A lot more people know me now which was awkward at first but now its hilarious and welcomed. People are just like “Hey Po, girl you crazy”. I f’n love it! It’s definitely helped me out with music. At first I was just Lala’s kwerky friend who wants to do music. Now Im taking seriously as an artist and I can get a lot more done. I was writing and doing music before all this I really want people to know that.

Tell us something about yourself that most people dont know. Do you have any super powers or hidden talents we need to know about?

. Hmm, what people don’t know. If I said it what it was than people would know (god that was corny). I love to watch cartoons & comics, anything animated. My philanthropy is really important to me. Superpowers-God I really hope I do…REALLY! X-Men is one of my favorite Marvel comics and ever since then I’ve been trying to tap into my sixth sense!

Where would you like to see yourself in five years as far as your career is concerned?

Even though every step I take is for the future I really try to focus on the right now. But, in 5 years I aspire to be on the stage rocking the shit out of a huge crowd!!

Last question. Tell us how you stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

All I’ve ever wanted was to inspire people. For people to believe that dreams exists for a reason. I realize that this journey isn’t just for my personal gain, it’s bigger than me. I’ve been granted a huge opportunity; it would be selfish of me to fuck it up. Because of that, I remain focused.

Link to purchase Super Kinda Psycho Sexy Lovehttp://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/po-johnson/id467792648

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