Q & A Time with Canadian pop musician Guinevere…..

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Who’s ready for an amazing Q & A segment? I am! I had the privilege of interviewing a talented up and coming pop musician by the name of Guinevere and she is FAB. Her voice is impressive and her style screams star power. Her new single Crazy Crazy is available for download and her debut album will be out soon. Ladies and gentleman, get to know Guinevere!


The Femme: Tell us about yourself. When did you start singing and who were some of your favorite artist as a child?

Guinevere:  I grew up in the Greater Toronto Area.  At age 14, I ended up landing an acting role in an Indy Film. I needed to sing and play guitar… after shooting the scene everyone on set told me I should consider pursuing music instead.  I dropped acting and fell in love with music. At the age of 15, with a little guidance, I began singing demos and writing songs. I learned the character and structure of pop songs and how lyrics and melody were so important.  I grew up on music from the 60’s and 70’s era listening to everything from The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin of course.  In high school, I really got into pop, and hip hop music listening to Eminem, Gwen Stefani, and Lil Wayne.  At age 17, I joined a band called ‘Get Rebel’ and we made one album.  We were an alternative-rock band with edgy, in your face songs.  The band ended up splitting up, and I decided to pursue a solo career.

TF: Awesome. Tell us a little bit about your music. What kind of artist would you classify yourself as and what sound were you going for in your single “Crazy Crazy.”

Guin: My music is Dark Pop. Sometimes the music is dark, with dark lyrics, and sometimes I enjoy the contrast between Happy sounding music with a dark message.  Guinevere songs have dark dance elements, raunchy beats, electro pop flavours, dominating lyrics, all in a pop format with a rock-influence vocal style. When I began making the record some of my biggest influences were Justice, Skrillex, and Annie Lennox. I’m the kind of Artist that says exactly what is on my mind to get my point across. I want people to feel empowered and positive when they hear the first record. Every single one of my songs has a message with a twist, as my way of straying from that generic pop song message. I am definitely not an everyday girl; I was a tomboy growing up. I love wearing black and played lots of sports. As an artist I would love my fans to feel empowered by the messages in my songs, but also feel the urge to dance, and shake their asses!

TF: Love it! Im a fan of shaking my ass in the club. Since were on the subject of Crazy Crazy, an you tell us a little about he single?

Guin: There is no beating around the bush with my first single. Crazy Crazy is very sexy, blunt, and dominating song about women pursuing the man they desire.  It gives us girls the opportunity to get a little wild with someone. I want people to party to this song! I want them to feel sexy and pumped up when they hear it.  You can love someone and it doesn’t have to be some cheesy fairytale – spice it up and make it fun. No need to be shy. Shy is Boring.

TF: Shy is boring. What kind of producers did you work with on your up and coming album?

Guin: I worked with some incredible people. I had the opportunity to work with Brian West who produced Nelly Furtado’s first two albums, Cirkut whose done songs for Britney Spears, including her new record. I’ve worked with Arthur McArthur who’s done tracks with Drake, and is a great Toronto producer.  I’ve been fortunate to work with Ari Levine, who won 2 Grammy’s this year, and was nominated for Best Producer of the year!  Ari is a part of ‘The Smeezingtons’ and produced C-Lo’s ‘Fuck You’, B.o.B’s ‘Nothin On You’, and all of Bruno Mars record.  I was so pleased to find that everyone I worked with was so down to earth and the chemistry with everyone has been phenomenal.

TF: You’ve worked with some amazing people. Congratulations. How long have you been working on the album and where did you draw our inspiration from for various songs on the album?

Guin: The record took a total of 8 months to make. Amir Epstein aka ‘Epstein’ (Crash Karma/King of Choruses) produced my last album with “Get Rebel”. We decided to team up and write the record together.  Epstein, coming from a Rock background, gave the songs edge and it blossomed into a twisted version of mainstream pop. Sometimes the writing process would work with a song idea. For example: “Love For Tonight”, a track on my record, is a spin off of “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen, but from a girl’s perspective.  Epstein would come up with a massive chorus melody and the majority of lyrics were written on the highway together stuck in traffic on the way to the studio. Another example is a song called “Venom”.  Ari Levine came to us with a dark track and after hearing it for the first time we came up with a sexy seductive melody and hot lyrics on top. 

TF: Amazing. Im anxious to see the the song play put visually. What can we expect from your music video for Crazy Crazy?

Guin: After seeing the video treatment for “Crazy Crazy”, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This will be my first music video and I think people are going to love it. What you hear on the track will be visually justified in the video. We are working with Director Anton Purr and Angelo Colavecchia whom is highly experienced in film (Detroit Rock City, Mean Girls, Jumper, Scott Pilgrim). Without giving too much away, there will be 3/4 different looks and scenario’s – from and innocent character to a darker dominatrix kind of character…oh, and lots of PVC!!!

TF: Interesting! Sounds FAB. Is there a dream venue you hope to sell out one and perform at one day?

Guin: Selling out a massive show in it self is probably one of the most exhilarating experiences an artist can have.  Even after playing in front of a few thousand people creates an indescribable feeling.  The feeling I get from being on stage is exhilarating, and highly addictive.  As for which venue tops the list in my ‘dream venues’…I guess it would have to be the ACC/Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada.  My first concert ever was Aerosmith, second row, at The ACC.  The crowd was insane and the energy was amazing. I’ve seen a lot of my favourite artists there and it would be a dream and honour to stand where they’ve stood!!

TF: Where do you see yourself in the next five years and what do you hope to achieve as an artist?

Guin: I think the most important thing an artist could hope for are dedicated fans; after all you are nothing without the people who support you. They say the good songs that really connect with people are the ones that remind you of someone or something – I hope people will experience that with my songs. Finally, the greatest dream of mine is to hold that microphone out and hear your own song being sung back to you by thousands of voices. If I can achieve that in five years, I would be very grateful, although, I am not really thinking much about a particular amount of time.  I am more focused on the career as a whole.  As Gwen Stefani would say “It’s not a race, It’s a marathon”.


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