Q & A Time with Electro Pop Dance Princess Wynter Gordon

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I have a very special interview for you all! I ran across an amazing artist by the name of Wynter Gordon about two weeks ago whole browsing the web and I became an instant fan after listening to her single Toy Friend. Her music is upbeat, fun and fierce and channels everyones inner dance queen. Her sound is amazing and she’s currently #1 on the pop charts in Australia for her single Dirty Talk. Get to know Wynter Gordon and enjoy the interview :-)



The Femme: Tell us about your journey into music. When did you start singing how old were you when you wrote your first song?

Wynter Gordon: I was a youngster. I have videos of me singing when I was like 4 .In highschool I decided to go hard . I would sing for everyone and go to every house studio to write and record , I even interned for a record company. I say my first real song was DADDYS SONG At 15

The Femme: And what point in your life did you say “ok, this is what I want to do for a living” and decide to follow your dreams and pursue a career in music?

Wynter Gordon: Highschool. I knew. I wasn’t ready then but I knew.

The Femme: Tell us about your new ep titled “The First Dance.” How would you describe the sound of the ep and what is your favorite track?

Wynter Gordon: The ep is a compilation of all the dance tracks I’ve done that have already had lots of burn ! It’s just a catchup tool for the people who aren’t underground.

The Femme: How did you get started producing dance/pop music? Why did you choose to perform that particular genre of music instead of RnB or soul? (Which by the way I love. Nice to see good black pop/dance  artist on the rise!)

Wynter Gordon:  About 2 years ago I took a trip out to the uk and was introduced to the culture of dance in it’s pure form . I wanted my album to have a uniformed sound and at the time everybody wasnt doing it . I immersed myself I’n the music and it was dope to me. As a writer I’m always gonna evolve but I enjoy the sound.I was never an rnb artist. Boxes are not cool.

The Femme: Have you ever studied music in any other countries aside from the UK? If so, what did you take away from the experience?

Wynter Gordon: I’ve been around the world . The feeling for music is the same universally but I have picked up sounds and styles.

The Femme: Tell us about some of the things you hope to accomplish as an artist in 2011.

Wynter Gordon: I want my music I’n every house and on every radio and iPod.

The Femme:  Are there any artist you look up to currently  or idolized growing up?

Wynter Gordon:  I love music from the 80s and 90s all types.

The Femme: What advice can you give our readers on staying positive, staying focused and following your dreams?

Wynter Gordon:  Have no fear, put worry aside , and work through the hard times . Nothing worth having is easy!