Q & A Time with the Multimedia Maven B.Scott!!

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Fellow love muffins today is a time to rejoice. TFF was blessed with the privilege of doing an amazing interview with the lovely and talented B.Scott. We covered everything from ATL pride to his new super personified fame. B.Scott’s fan base has changed and multiplied in a huge way opening new doors for him and leading him well on his way to become a household name. His newest project with FoxxHole radio has been a huge hit and helped to cross him over into a whole new demographic!

Within the past 3 years, B.Scott has become one of the biggest internet/entertainment icons within the LGBT community and has also crossed over into the mainstream market to make a splash and leave his mark. He’s been seen on Tyra, TV One Access, Global GrindVibe Magazines 2010 Juice list, and now he is here with us on TheFabFemme.com. Ladies and Gentleman….. Its B.Scott!!! Enjoy the interview!


TFF: Thank you so much for taking time out to do this interview. I know your really busy with pride coming up. Lets get straight to the questions.You are well on your way to becoming a house hold name and your audience has grown extensively over the past few years. How has your day to day life changed and how do you stay grounded?!

One thing that people don’t know about me is that I’m a very private person. I don’t like to have people all in my business. The biggest thing that has changed for me is definitely the amount of privacy I have in the public eye. All of a sudden everyone is watching you and what you do. People will see you out and be like “Ooh that B.Scott has had alot to drink.” I didn’t deal with that before. But it comes with the territory and I’m very happy with what I’m doing. Im blessed.

Another thing that’s changed in my routine is the fact that I’m trusting other people to help me build my brand. Ive gotten to a point where I cant do it alone and it takes a village. I’m an Aries and by nature I want to be in control and be the leader. But I cant do it all anymore. Fortunately I have a strong team behind me and I’ve found people that I can trust work well with.

TFF: A lot of your fans are anxious to see you on TV with your own show. Can you give us a little info on when you may be making your television debut?

My team is actually in the process of trying to get my TV show together now. I want to do something different. Something that sticks. B.Scott is here to stay. I don’t want to have one of those shows that people forget about after a while. I want to do a show that has a direct aim and includes the right content for my viewers. I want my show to be something profound. Something that deals with my brand and keeps everyone entertained at the same time. We are taking our time so everything can be right. We want the show to be on the right network and really reach its viewers so were taking our time and doing everything carefully.

TFF: One thing that makes people love you so much is that fact that you aren’t afraid to be yourself. What is it instilled in you that makes you so comfortable in your own skin?

Wow.*Giggles* I think its because I’ve been through alot. When you’ve been through a hard time and you have nothing you left you learn to really love yourself. People cant appreciate the good times and the blessings they receive until they’ve really been through something. When my sister passed away in 1995 it was a hard time for me and it really taught me to live every day to the fullest. She passed away at the age I am now. I feel blessed to be alive and healthy. I’m happy. I’m a very happy person. I have no reason not to be. Like Mariah Carey says “Theres a light that shines inside of me.” I truly believe that.

TFF: Ok. So Prop 8 has finally been overturned in California but now there’s a hold on marriages until the appeal is settled. What are your personal feelings on this decision being a resident of California?!

Honestly I cringe at the phrase “gay marriage.” I think that its about equality more then anything. Not necessarily gay or straight. Just the fact that we all should have the right to get married and love who we want. Everyone should be extended the same rights. At the end of the day were all people and I think eventually people will come around and realize that. I feel like ive changed a few peoples perceptions on gay marriage just by having them get to know me. They see I’m a regular person just like them. I’m doing my part to try and teach one person at a time.

TFF: Who do you draw your creative inspiration from?

Well of course Mariah Carey has inspired me the most. Especially as a child. I really felt like I could relate to her. I also draw inspiration from Prince, Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, and Ru Paul. Ru Paul has broken so many barriers. I love him. I also love MJ. By the end of his career he was genderless and race less. People just knew him as Michael. I also have great friends. Ive had the same two best friends for 15 years and that’s all I need. I follow my heart and my spirit and I have a strong group of people who support me.

TFF: Will you be at Atlanta pride networking and looking for future babys daddys? Lol.

Yes! I will be in Atlanta the entire Labor Day weekend hosting events for Girls In The Night. My good friend Christina Millian will be there as well as Lil Kim.

I’m excited about pride. Its going to be a big event. Its funny because the girls always book me to host there events. Lesbians love me. I love them too though. So if your coming to pride look for me at the Girls In The Night events. I’ll be sitting in V.I.P drinking a cocktail and swinging my hair *giggles*.

TFF: Tell us about some of the wonderful makeup and beauty products you use to stay fabulous.

Honestly, I don’t use alot of beauty products. I have a skin cream that I love to use and that’s about it. The name of it is Lacto cream by Ruth skin care in West Hollywood. Its great stuff. Besides that I would have to say my skin and hair come from genetics. Im mixed so I got good qualities from both parties.

TFF: Last question. What is the ultimate legacy and or message you want to leave behind when all is said and done?

My ultimate legacy….. I want people to remember me as someone who was a beautiful person inside and out. I want to remind people that they can be somebody all on there own and they don’t need anyones approval. You can make a brand out of yourself or accomplish whatever goals you have. I want to teach people to do them and do it well. Its ok to be who you are.

HUGE shout out to B.Scott and Mecca for putting this together! Make sure you follow B.Scott on twitter and visit www.lovebscott.com.